UDecide: Mediation Platform for Sri Lanka

UDecide Sri Lanka is a Mediation service provider that promotes and encourages the use of Mediation as an amicable, mutually beneficial form of dispute resolution in any area of society.

Brief introduction about us

UDecide Sri Lanka was established in 2018. It is the first of its kind in Sri Lanka and is driven by an energetic and diverse group of individuals for the purpose of promoting the practice and use of mediation among diverse groups in Sri Lanka, including students, undergraduates and professionals in the commercial and industrial sectors of the country. UDecide believes problems should be solved by the parties themselves, in a manner that is beneficial to everyone. This is only possible through Mediation. The current justice system is adversarial, where relationships rarely survive a dispute. UDecide wishes to change this, and connects with schools, universities and corporations to conduct awareness and training programs regarding the importance of amicable and mutually beneficial conflict resolution. In addition to this, as a Mediation platform, UDecide provides services and assistance to anyone who wishes to solve their disputes in an effective manner.

Mediation Awareness raising

We conduct awareness Raising workshops in schools, universities, teacher training colleges and cooperate entities, with a view to promote mediation practice and use of mediation among all sectors of the community as a mode of amicable, efficient and effective dispute resolution.

Mediator Training

We conduct professional mediator training programmes in partnership with international training institutes, for professionals aspiring to become mediators.

Young Peer Mediators Training

We conduct peer mediator training programmes for school students and university undergraduates, in order to promote mediation as an amicable and effective dispute resolution mechanism in schools and universities, while sharing the concept that peers can empower each other through mediation. Project Peer Power is specially designed for this purpose, where students are trained through the Peer Mediators Hub and continuously guided and supervised by us, UDecideSL.

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